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Thursday, May 17, 2012

SITA - Annual Baggage Report

Every year, SITA produces an industry report for airlines regarding trends in the worldwide handling of baggage.
The report makes for interesting reading. Through statistical analysis and facts from airline handlers and claims departments, it highlights areas within the industry where baggage handling continues to be problematic.

Transfer bags are the No.1 problem area for mishandled baggage. Over 50% of all mishandled luggage is due to transfer errors. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why a transfer bag may not make it to the correct aircraft on time, but when it does happen it's a cause of great frustration to the passenger and of course costly to the airline.

If you imagine how many stages of handling an average suitcase may go through to get from one aircraft to another on a standard airport transfer. There are many areas where something can go awry. Misidentified luggage accounts for only a very small proportion of those bags, but when looking at the staggering number of bags involved, we see that nearly 800,000 bags per year are misidentified.

That's where Crewtags.aero steps in. Proper luggage tags on all your bags will help reduce your luggage being misidentified. A handler can make a quick cross check to see if the names match with the airline tags and can quickly identify if they don't.

Nearly 650,000 bags per year end up classified as "lost/stolen". If you don't have proper, sturdy identification on your bags, yours could end up part of that statistic. If official airline labelling comes off your luggage, without any additional form of ID, it could be consigned to the many thousands of bags which have their contents auctioned off when the prescribed "lost property" time period has elapsed.

Buying your luggage tags from Crewtags.aero will greatly reduce the risk of your bags becoming part of these statistics.

The full report from SITA can be found here: http://comms.sita.aero/BaggageReport2012_BaggageReport-LP-0512.html

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