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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Crewtags.aero hardware.

Over the Queen's Jubliee weekend, the Crewtags.aero hit a bit of a technology speed bump. The systems we use to print are entirely dependent on the Windows platform. Our primary machine used to print from suffered a complete mainboard meltdown (some might say it was overworked, others might argue it was a little old!) So without our primary Windows computer to print from, that halted production. Our design machine (a 27" iMac) was unaffected and design work could still continue, but was unable to talk to the printers. Our aim has always been to run all the systems from the far-more-reliable Mac environment, so a replacement printer-connected machine with the capabilities of running Mac OS and Windows simultaneously was investigated. The decision was made to bring all our systems to Mac and a new MacBook Air chosen to run the printers. With the printers still relying on Windows, a large amount of time was spent setting up the Air to work with Windows in a Boot Camp environment. Strangely, Windows runs better on a Mac than it does on a PC - a testament to Mac hardware! The acquisition of the new hardware and the work involved in future proofing the hardware and software set up meant we had to halt production for a few days and the orders stacked up. The IT monkeys worked their little tails off to get us back up and running as quick as possible. Crewtags.aero is back and more future proof than ever!

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